Magic Mike XXL

So 2 years ago when I went to see Magic Mike I really thought the movie was awful. It was this serious take on the “seedy” side of male stripping and the only thing I liked about it was Channing Tatum. When they announced a sequel….. well of course I was excited…. Channing Tatum! But then I learned that one of my FAVORITE dancers tWitch was going to be in it….And I was reading about how much actual dancing was in this one!

This is tWitch….

So yesterday after Matt’s family had all headed home I went for a little me-time to see Magic Mike XXL and I cannot express how much I LOVED IT! This one of exactly how it should be…. it doesn’t take itself so seriously, I laughed out loud and smiled NONSTOP!!!!! Really, this was 2 hours of FUN! And tWitch is UNREAL… he is like the best dancing stripper EVER and when him and Channing close out the movie with their “Stripper duet” this might sound unbelievable but the dancing was so good my jaw was literally wide open. I mean Channing really stepped up his game to be able to dance along side tWitch and it pays off in the best way ever! All the guys are so funny in the movie and Big Dick Richie is hysterical… I know I know…. I will stop gushing over this movie.

But really… I left the theater in the best mood, the movie was SO fun… you must see it! And oh ya, they are so hot its insane! Your welcome.

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