Comic Con

If you are a nerd like me then going to Comic Con is like #1 on your Bucket List! But until that day comes I will continue to stalk it online and spend hours watching the trailers that debuted during the convention! This year so many trailers debuted for TV and Movies and it BLEW my mind!!!!! Yes, I am that kind of person…. when I see a trailer for a new show or movie I want to see I am beyond GIDDY! I absolutely LOVE the feeling of getting excited and looking forward to the premier! 

Lucky you…. I have watched it ALL and I am going to show you my favorites from the weekend!

* Fear The Walking Dead!!!

* The Walking Dead!
I mean best show on TV and this Trailer for the new season is UNREAL!!!!!

* The Suicide Squad
I didn’t really know much about this, the comic books or the story I just knew about ALL the stars in the movie! THEN….. the trailer debuted this weekend during the panel and I am fully on board with this and counting down the days!

* Batman vs Superman
I am still a little unclear on why they would be on different sides and the first trailer left me wanting but then this trailer debuted and yup, I’m excited!!

* Damien

* Shannara Chronicles
Ok MTV, you win…. I will find out what channel on my TV you are because this looks amazing!!!!

* Ash vs Evil Dead
This looks like a gory fun time…. are ya with me?

So now the question is, Is it October yet?? And I am also excited for Deadpool, Homeland, X-Men…. and the list goes on and on!!! Enjoy friends!

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