4th of July Week….

First of all Happy 4th of July family and Friends! I hope your day is filled with family, food and fun!!!

We started off the Savage family vacation last Sunday with a lazy pool/cookout day! We are also trying to enjoy our current neighborhood before we move at the end of the month! Stapleton has like 6 pools with parks and the newest one has grills and even ping pong tables outside the pool! SO we hooked in the tent and had a ball!

 I planned all the cookout items which makes me happy and we all had the best time! We grilled out burgers, dogs, I made deviled eggs, rice krispie treats and of course fruit, chips… you know the works! Us girls laid out at the pool while the guys either played corn hole or drank some beer under the tent! But after dinner when the pool was clearing out we ALL jumped in and swam around like kids and it was just the best time.

How neat are these ping pong tables? All you need is paddles and balls! Here Matt and his cousin Tessa are in a heated game…….

In fact we had so much fun that we are kinda recreating this today… we invited a couple friend of ours to the pool and I got brats to cookout and of course I will pack the ping pong paddles! ha

 Matt’s family rented a house in charming Georgetown but it was also nice that 3 nights someone decided to come back to Denver and stay with us too! The dogs got plenty of love all week!

 I Loved that I was able to use our fancy camera several times last week and I took it on our Georgetown Loop train ride which I LOVE! Here is my Mother-in-law Micki and her sister Mitzi! What a great picture of the two of them!

 How cute are my Brother and Sister-in-law Colby and Michael? It was nice that they both were able to take off work to spend the week in Colorado with everyone! He is a cop and she is an awesome hair stylist!

 YAY! I got to be in a few pictures! And after this picture I left them in the sun car and I headed to a covered car because I was melting!

 The rest of our group was off on a Zip-lining day trip while we rode the train!

 The train ride is just stunning and this is actually the 3rd time I have taken the trip and each time I enjoy it just as much as the first time!

 I enjoyed getting to drive into Georgetown each day to spend the day with the family, we all wish Matt could have taken off work more but when you are the Boss-Man that is hard to leave the office! Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I actually live in Colorado because it is so beautiful. We really ended up somewhere great! Stay tuned for more vacation posts!!!

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