Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was a real treat we had Matt’s Dad and Sister in town to spend it with us! My Father-in-laws Birthday is in a week so I wanted to have an early celebration while he was with us! Saturday night we had a cookout and thankfully the weather here in Denver is finally feeling more like Summer! 

 Sunday morning we took them to our favorite neighborhood Brunch place, being regulars is fun and embarrassing all at the same time! hahaha!

 Jennifer, Matt’s sister works at the amusement park in Oklahoma City so she has always wanted to check out Denver’s park and we got to do that yesterday!

 I don’t ride rides and no, NOT even the swings…. so I was the official “Holder of things” and photographer and that was ok with me! We got there right when the park opened so it was great and the weather was sunny and warm!!

We had a great weekend and we sent Jeff and Jen home sunburned and tired! Your Welcome!

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  1. Anonymous
    June 1, 2015 / 4:06 pm

    Looks like fun! I loved amusement park rides, the scarier the better, and scary movies etc! Ashley was born the end of November, so the next Spring when I went to the amusement park, I went straight to the big rollercoaster with two loops. That thing started up the incline and I was freaking out. I have not rode amusement park rides since. My Mom said some women after having kids, just suddenly become afraid of risky things. I enjoy watching others have fun and being "the holder of things and photographer" as well! OOur weather here was finally amazing too, and perfect for my nieces cookout. Thursday evenings outdoor Graduation, will be dry but, on the warm side!

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