Becky’s in DA House Part 2

After we headed back to Denver from Estes Park we had 2 more days filled with fun! I was so excited to take them to Castle Rock and show them the house we are buying and the community there! They both LOVED it… they went on and on about how perfect it was and that was SO nice to hear. It was just nice to be able to share that with someone! The Becky’s then wanted to go see our office and visit Matt and that meant the WORLD to Matt and I!  The fact that they really wanted to see and experience our life here in Denver speaks so loudly to the type of friends they are!

Tuesday night was kinda our “Girls Night Out” and of course we took the typical front porch pics…….

 Becky K and I have a thing for Bravo Top Chef so of course I had to take her to one of the former contestants on Top Chef Masters place here in Denver… Euclid Hall! Becky was showing us how regal she felt at dinner! And the meal? TOO Die for! I mean really!

 Check this out…. it was meant to be we found graffiti with their name on it and you can see the storm rolling into Denver in the background!

 Next up I took them to this place I discovered call Upstairs Circus and it was the COOLEST thing ever! I mean for real!

 This place is a “Craft Bar”…. a full service bar and then you go to the Craft Bar and pick out a project to make! I made a leather tassel necklace, BB made a leather clutch and BK painted a picture for her office! We literally had the best time! I cannot wait to take all my guests here from now on!

 On the last morning I took them to the Historic Union Station for brunch at Snooze and we then headed over to the Molly Brown house and took a tour!

I think you can tell that when I dropped them off at the airport….. they were exhausted… a sign of a wonderful trip!!!!!! xoxox

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