Becky’s in DA House Part 1

When I picked up my 2 girlfriends whom are YES both named Becky we hit the road and headed to Estes Park! The 3 of us share a love of books, history and hauntings and we got ALL 3 at The Stanley Hotel!

 We took the History/Haunted Tour of The Stanley and it was super fun although our Tour guide was a bit of a dud to say the least. This is the Music Hall which is suppose to be one of the most haunted buildings on the property!

 I loved seeing original pieces from the 1800s and being immersed into the history of the building. And we all know I love me a good paranormal show and ALL of them have filmed here, so being where my favorite paranormal shows were filmed was awesome!

 This is Room 217, the room that Steven King stayed in and the room that prompted him to write The Shining! SOO cool!

 This is a little memento left by Steven King when he filmed The Shining the Mini Series at The Stanley!

 This hotel really does frame Estes Park, it is on the hill overlooking the town below and it is just stunning!

 This is the view from the front porch of The Stanley and we literally could not have asked for better weather while we were ….. which is a good thing because the hotel has NO AC!

 Would I JUMP at the chance to stay the night again? NO! The bucket list is crossed off… I will be back to visit but I won’t pay $300 to stay in an OLD room with NO AC again! One and Done!

 How cute are we? ha!

 I was the Becky’s paparazzi so I had to do a little Selfie!!!!

 On the way home we took the longer drive thru the Roosevelt National Forest and stopped at one of my favorite places called The Church on the Rock also known as the Malo center…….

 I mean doesn’t this just look like we were transported to someplace back in time? This place was equal parts creepy and breathtaking!

 The drive was so peaceful and I loved seeing the mountains, streams and random cabins like this one out in the middle of nowhere!

 On Monday we spent the morning taking in Estes Park and doing a little shopping!

I felt like not only did I give them a check on the Bucket list but I showed them some true Colorado sites! Stay tuned for another post on our Denver shenanigans!

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