Last week was my Birthday.. isn’t it crazy how fast it comes and goes?? Another one down and Hello 34! The day before my Birthday Matt came home early and clearly interrupted my afternoon viewing of Dr Phil in my PJ’s to give me my Birthday gift…….

 I couldn’t believe it…. Look how good he did! I didn’t ask for anything so this beauty was ALL him! And ya, I guess he is a keeper!

My other Birthday present arrived the day after my Birthday….. AKA… MOM! Her Grand-dogs were so excited to see her…..

 Mom and I as you already saw yesterday did some house recon work and did a little shopping too! Lucky us the rain really held off for us to enjoy some beautiful days!

 Mom, Matt and I went to a favorite place of mine here in Denver Tables to celebrate my Birthday! We had a great time and ate some amazing food!!! I swear I dream of that meal!

Sunday Mom and I went to the Butterfly Pavilion and it was really neat… you can’t tell but in this Tropical Rain Forest setting hundreds of butterflies were buzzing about!

We had a great time and it is always sad to say goodbye and I swear my animals are all so depressed that Mom is gone!!!!!

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