Home Inspection; Check!

You know buying a home is stressful…. there is no way around it. Over the past week and a half we have been dealing with our lender who basically wants everything but a blood test and actually a blood test might be easier! ha! It really is an insane process… processing the loan and what not! This past Monday morning we had the home inspection which was the easiest thing we have done yet! This home is only like 14 months old and the inspector told us how well built it was, which was great to hear! A little surprise for us to find out is that the front and back yard has a sprinkler system! That just seems like an added bonus for us! So everything went great other than a few little nit-picky things that the inspector brought up! So from here next up is the appraisal!
In the meantime I am a mad-pinning fool, pinning ideas for the new home on my Pinterest boards! haha! Matt says it scares him! Typical men! 🙂

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