Exquisite St.

Good Morning friends!!! Are you ready for a LONG POST?????? I have so much to fill you in on so bear with me as I try to make this as concise and coherent as possible!!!!

First….. a week ago I complained on Facebook about our Mortgage lender…. I swear it was a LONG 6 week process to see if we could get a mortgage this year (after being in Denver 1 year as a 1099). I was literally about to email my person and say “Thanks but no thanks” when she called and said we were approved! I didn’t believe it at first because last year we went thru this and it was a big disappointment. 

Second…. a while back I did a post about where to live?? And how currently we are in “The city” which is close to work but we literally cannot afford what we want here. In the city we could get maybe 1600 sq feet, NO yard, Townhouse for an insane amount of money. But if we drive about 30 minutes to a suburb outside Denver (Castle Rock) we can get SO MUCH MORE and for less. For me it is most important that we have space for our friends and family to come visit and share in our life. Matt’s commute is going to be longer but after seeing the community and what our home life would be he agreed that the drive is worth it. 

Third….. For the past year we have been set on building… Why? Because when you are spending the insane amount of money that is required to live here in Denver we want to get what we want within our budget. Plus all the resale homes just didn’t have what we wanted! So last Friday my Mom was in town and we went to visit the home builder in Castle Rock who told us there was a 5 month waiting list just to get a lot. And since they have so many people lined up to do this I was just a number to them and we got a real bad feeling. (long story short) So we left very discouraged and my Mom finally saw how a budget that to us is INSANE and we would never spend this much in Oklahoma…. but here it still isn’t enough. It’s crazy.

Finally….. At lunch Mom and I found a home on realtor.com that I liked… I couldn’t believe it! It was a smidgen outside the budget but we could haggle… right? (and we did haggle) SO we called and met a realtor at the home. It was amazing!!!! After a long talk with this realtor Genny from Sotheby’s became our realtor!

With the market here in Denver you can’t even sleep on it….. so we went  home talked it over with Matt and went for a second showing Saturday morning. The realtor showed us others in our price range and after much discussion we decided to make an offer on the spot. We were so worried that we would get into a bidding war because in the 2 days we saw this home 10 other people did too. But God was smiling on us…… 

We are in our lease until July 31. Which could be a problem BUT we made a special deal with the owners who have not found their next home. They accepted our offer and we will close in June but let them stay until the end of July rent free for the acceptance of our lower offer than asking. 

SO…… on a weekend where none of this was planned we BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!! And the best part it’s on…. Exquisite Street! haha! (sounds like a strip club name)

Here are some highlights of the home and ya, we had to concede on a few things we wanted but this fit more of what we wanted than any other home!!

 Mom was excited for us and it was nice to have one of our parents here for another opinion. I will say that we are excited but also scared since the market is so expensive in Denver…. it’s scary.

Clearly this is what sold me…….. My dream is white counter tops but the black counter tops are Quartz (which I wanted) and it’s beautiful! I love the subway tile backsplash too! And I will be replacing the pendant lights with something more modern with an Edison bulb!!! And ya, I am already making plans in my head! The doors in the corner are a walk in pantry! Off the kitchen is a mud-room, 1/2 bath and 3 car garage. 

We love the modern fireplace and that is what we wanted in a new build too! And the entire 1st floor is hardwood which was a MUST with our 3 dogs!!!

 So the formal dining room is rather huge… so we are playing around with different ideas for this room and replacing the chandelier to something more “Fixer Upper Modern”! You know what I mean!

 This master bedroom has a huge sitting room attached and since this home doesn’t have a specific office we are going to make that into an office for me! I have been “pinning” Master bedroom with office attached ideas!

 Here is the master bath, no tub but the owners upgraded to this walk in shower which is stunning! Upstairs is also the laundry room, 3 other bedrooms and a full bath. So it’s exciting that we will be able to have a baby room someday plus 2 guest rooms!!!!

 So this home has a 2 story deck and this bottom floor is a walk-out basement. It is unfinished currently but that will be a project for us. It is already insulated and run for plumbing so in the future it will have a 5th bedroom, full bath and a movie room or at least thats the plan! haha! We will have to carry the weenies down the stairs each time they go out but most homes in Denver are built this way so we will just get use to it.

 This is the back…………..

 And the biggest thing of all is our view which does NOT include another house and never will!!!!

 So we know we close June 15th (Yes, Becky’s you both will be here and will come with! haha) But we won’t know when we will move until the couple finds a new home too! More than likely it will be mid-July!!!
Now I don’t even want to think about the actual move!!!!! UGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Jamie
    May 5, 2015 / 5:23 pm

    I lived near CastleRock and when we go back to visit it is STILL one of my favorite communities! Congrats!!!!!

  2. The Flynnigans
    May 6, 2015 / 3:23 am

    Your new house is stunning! Congratulations on home ownership 🙂

  3. Anonymous
    May 6, 2015 / 1:26 pm

    I just want to say I love it and I can't wait to see what it looks like with your personal touch! It is such a bonus to NEVER have back neighbors. My favorite thing you said was one day having a "baby room"….aww! CONGRATS new Denver home owners! (It still amazes me technology today, I hear of more people finding their homes on realtor.com)

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