Movie Madness

Today I have some movies to review for you all today and boy are they ever at opposite ends of the “like” spectrum! And for your reading pleasure I have ranked these WORST to BEST! hehe!

Foxcatcher…… AKA the movie with no words but tons of fake noses. 

To say I hated this movie is putting it mildly. I actually had to google to learn about the gentlemen Channing Tatum played because I thought he was learning impaired…. and he isn’t FYI in real life but that is how Channing made him seem. Steve Carroll wore his fake nose with pride and had maybe 1 page of dialogue to memorize because most of the movie he just stood there and looked creepy. I get that the true story is sad, weird and might be interesting to those who like wrestling but I thought this was the worst movie ever. Matt hated it too, I mean in the middle of it we just laughed our heads off because we hated it so much, it was like a joke. You couldn’t force me to watch this again. Even the real life guy who Channing Tatum played has said he hated this movie so much….. so there you have it. YUCK

 SO I LOVE me some Jessica Chastain and this movie looked like an indie flick with guts so Matt and I have wanted to see this for some time. And we finally did……… it was NOT good. Here is what we learned during this movie….
Set in 80s, they are rich, people are after them, why who knows, he wants to buy a property, he is being indicted, why who knows, they fight people, he borrows money, he never goes to jail, nothing happens, he buys property, they hold hands, movie ends.
That is literally all that happened. There is a reason this never made it to very many theaters. Bleh.

 Matt and I love us a good action movie and we have seen all the Fast movies in the past so we were excited to see this movie!! This movie is exactly what you would expect…. not based in any sort of reality but tons of FUN! I love everyone in this, the locations are exotic and they did Paul Walker right…… and we may or may not have shed a tear or two! If you want a fun escape from reality go see this it! It’s worth it!!!!!!

The winner of all these movies is The Longest Ride and I am not a HUGE romance fan but I LOVED this movie and everyone I talk to loves it as well! The previews on TV do not do this justice it isn’t just about bull riding and how sexy Scott Eastwood is and ya, he is something special! But 1/2 this movie is set in the 40s with a separate love story and this movie is filled with heart, art and family. I really really loved this movie…. I promise this one will surprise you… GO see it!

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  1. Anonymous
    April 16, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    I love movies and am definitely overdue! I will flip a coin between "The Longest Ride" and "FF7". Maybe I will just have to squeeze in both this weekend.

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