Monday Movie Madness!

I have 2 fun movies to talk to you about today, both are movies I was REALLY excited to see!!

The first is Age of Adaline, Matt and I saw this Saturday night and we really enjoyed it! I will say that is was a tad slow at times or at least Matt thought so but this isn’t an action this movie is a story. This is the story of Adaline, a girl who stops aging and how ironically that also stops her from living life. I will say that both Matt and I were transfixed the entire movie by how absolutely stunning Blake Lively is…. I mean really, she is pure perfection in this movie. WOW! I do recommend this movie, maybe not to take your husband to but my fellow ladies will fall in love with the story as much as I did!

The second movie Matt and I saw last weekend… I was looking forward to this movie so much, The Woman in Gold. I have read several novels with the same story line…. Art Restitution. But this movie was a true story and for someone like Matt who didn’t realize how the Nazi’s stole valuables including art it was really eye opening. I loved this movie and the crowd we watched with this clapped several times during the movie and cheered at the end…. and that perfectly describes how I feel about it too! If this is playing in a theater near you… GO see it!

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