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I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to my family and my dear friend Rebecca who helped me reach my goal to sponsor one of the Peru rescued circus lions!!! These lions are en-route to The Wild Animal Sanctuary here in Colorado for medical care and to finally live a life full of love and freedom!

I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the Lions and my adoption!! xoxox
In case you missed my earlier posts about the Peru Lions here is a little bit about this amazing rescue…..

For $360 I could help by adopting a lion and assisting in the cost of their care! Best of all eventually I will be able to visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary here outside of Denver and see first hand the new lives of these former Circus animals! I am requesting $380 to cover the cost of the fees of this website…. and there is really nothing I need for my Birthday and when I watched the videos below my heart ached and I know I HAVE to do something! This is all I want this year….. to make a donation in my name!
Here is the sanctuary and below is the story that touched me…….

For many months in late 2014 and early 2015, The Wild Animal Sanctuary has been building an enormous array of large acreage natural habitats for more than 33 African Lions to live in once they are rescued from Circuses in Peru and airlifted to Colorado.
The Sanctuary was at the helm of providing a home for 25 African Lions rescued from similar circumstances in Bolivia in 2011, and set a World record by working with a British Animal Welfare Agency to save the dozens of cast-off circus Lions.

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