Change the World for ONE Today!

Hi Guys!! Today is a day I LOVE…. It’s April 1st and NO that doesn’t mean April Fools day to me what it means is a day for me to make a difference for ONE! I have shared about No. 41 so many times, my friend Tara started this amazing organization and I just love being able to help. I already bought my 2015 41 Day T Shirt which I will be wearing today (and all week actually) and I am donating $50 today which will feed 200 children in Rwanda a hot lunch!!!!!! 

What is 41Day? On April 1st, for one day, we as you to give up your lunch and donate what you would have spent to feed students in Rwanda. Students who, without our feeding program, wouldn’t otherwise eat lunch at school. And who may only eat this one meal a day.

Where is it happening? It’s going down, all over the world, wherever you are TODAY! NO. 41 will be in Rwanda, but you can donate your lunch money, right here.

Why does it matter? Since the feeding program started, two years ago, enrollment at the school has grown from 650 students to nearly 1,200! Because they want to eat. This impact is not only felt for the student, but also for their families who struggle to provide for each member. When hungry bellies are off the table, students are more focused and engaged in their work and, for the second year in a row, our students earned the highest test scores in their district!

How can I help?  A little slice of the world is changing in Rwanda and it can all be attributed to a $0.25 meal every day and the snowball of hope that comes with it. There are so many simple ways you can get involved:

  • Donate what you would have spent on lunch. 
  • Share this event with your friends.
  • Purchase a bag or a t-shirt.
  • Donate here to sponsor a child for the year.

One meal, for one day, costs just $0.25. How much do you spend on lunch?

$1 feeds 4 students,
$5 feeds 20 students,
$10 feeds 40 students… 

Guys, feel free to share this post on your FB today and all it takes is as little as $1 and YOU can make a difference today, a real difference! It is so easy all the links are above all you have to do is CLICK!!!!!!!

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