Where to Live?

We both have almost been in Denver a year, can you believe it? I sure can’t! And we are currently trying to get our taxes together (ya we always run late) and once they are filed for 2014 we are going to try to get a mortgage here in Denver so we can buy a home. That alone is a scary thing since Matt is a 1099 and business owners are practically punished when trying to obtain a mortgage…. but that is a whole other post.
The problem now is where to live in Denver? We currently live in Stapleton and we love it…. it is a new suburb of Denver, very modern and central but SO expensive. A starter home about 1/2 the size of what we had in Ohio with no yard will run upwards of 500k…. crazy! But we have grown to love Stapleton and the commute to work for Matt is very easy!
On the other hand since we moved we fell in love with Castle Rock a suburb south of Denver by about 20+ miles. It is a very affluent community but we find homes there that we LOVE and they will be much larger than Stapleton, cheaper and have an actual backyard which Stapleton doesn’t offer. But the commute will be at least 40 minutes to Matts office.
It’s true we see ourselves in Castle Rock and the homes are perfect but is it worth the drive? We could go back and forth….. Stapleton is close to downtown, the hub of everything but Castle Rock has open space and great schools?
You know I could go on and on! But home is where the heart is isn’t it? Ugg, thanks for listening friends!


  1. The Kovash Family
    March 5, 2015 / 3:23 pm

    Location was the #1 criteria on my list when we bought our house in OKC. I had commuted & hated it, but know lots of people that do it all the time. Sorry, not much help. Good luck!!!

  2. Anonymous
    March 6, 2015 / 2:39 pm

    I do the long commute each day (37 miles one way). When I started my job it was 1 exit from my house. A divorce, office move, and taking care of Mom lead to the commute. I LOVE her neighborhood and the wide open space, as you see in my sunrise/sunset pictures. Having the new car, I don't want to rack up the miles on it though, like I did on my truck. (I say with a family in the future, I would vote for a nicer neighborhood, with a backyard, and good schools.) Most days I listen to music or talk to my sister in law on her commute and it doesn't feel so long. I hear others who listen to books. Some coworkers also come in extra early, to beat the traffic congestion. (But, if you will spend more hours at the office, it is convenient to run home, have lunch, check on the pets, and be close to the kids at school). Each has it's pros and cons. Good luck!

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