Peru Lion Adoption!

Operation Spirit Of Freedom will bring 33 African Lions to Colorado the first week of April 2015.  This massive airlift will be a record-setting event, and will be one of the most monumental rescues undertaken by any animal welfare organization in the world.

Something BIG and wonderful is happening and I MUST help! 33 Lions Rescued from horrible Circus attractions in Peru are headed to Colorado and the mission is incredible. Watch this short video to learn more…….

Peru Lions Getting Ready To Come To Colorado from Wild Animal Sanctuary on Vimeo.

The lions will be headed to The Wild Animal Sanctuary here just outside of Denver!!

The Wild Animal Sanctuary now houses 25 lions successfully rescued from Bolivia in 2011. Craig expects the Peruvian and Colombian lions to have similar health issues as the Bolivian ones. “Most sit in a cage for their entire lives. They don’t perform,” Craig says. “A lot of them will be beaten up and bruised. One or two are blind. Most of them need to gain a lot of weight and get healthy again.” The Sanctuary already sent a dentist to visit the lions to take care of any major dental issues; the caged animals were often jabbed with steel bars that they’d bite and thus break their teeth. 

All of that work comes with a hefty price tag. Craig estimates each lion costs $8,000 annually—or $264,000 total—to care for. (The animals could live for another couple decades.) The Sanctuary is trying to raise $75,000 to finish building the dens and habitat as well as look after the animals’ health.

You guys I desperately want to Adopt a Lion from Peru but with the cost being $360 for the year (up front) I cannot do it alone! So I have a WILD idea to adopt a lion with ALL of you!!!!!
I will adopt the lion in my blogs name and will do updates as I receive them and we can do this together!!!
Here is how this will work!!!! I will need at least $260 in donations and I will provide the last $100! But until I know we can do this you won’t have to pay! When I have enough commitments from you I will then send out paypal invoices to collect the money!!!! The Lions fly in Soon and need our help! Will you help me? A Donation of anything will work!
Just leave me comment or shoot me an email at and let me know your commitment!!!
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  1. Lindsay F.
    March 25, 2015 / 7:09 pm

    Love that I've found another animal lover with a massive heart. Good luck on your fundraising. What a fantastic gift these big cats are getting. I would donate but I JUST sponsored a baby orphan elephant with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.Look forward to getting to know you more.xoxLindsay

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