Get ya Some……

SO I am OBSESSED with my bestie and her Chex Mix and now you can be TOO!!!!!!!!!

 To help pay for our upcoming trip to London with the Southmoore HS Band, we are selling our 

Brum Family Homemade Chex Mix!! 

 Each batch is lovingly made with wheat, corn, and rice chex combined with cheerios, pretzels and mixed nuts…baked for hours with a special blend of spices that make this mix as addicting as “crack”. 

Locally delivered (or shipped for an additional $5) 

“Come on man, just try it” – 1/4 lb bag – $5 

“I’m not addicted, I can stop anytime” – 1/2 lb bag – $8 

“I’m gonna need rehab after this” – 1 lb bag – $15 

Cash and Paypal payment accepted….. contact Becky at

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