I have to say that the positive from last week while being back home in Oklahoma for my Granddad’s funeral was getting to spend so much time with family. And not just my everyday family but our extended family that we don’t get to see that much. So getting to be with them to share in the love and memories of our beloved granddad made my heart smile a little bit.
We took some family pictures at the family meal before the funeral and I wanted to share them with you…..

 The Bolo tie I am wearing was my Granddad’s…. one of his favorites and now it is mine and I will cherish it forever. Truly.

 All the women in my family, I just love this picture so much!

 My Granddad was in the Air Force and had a full military funeral with honors so it was real special that my brother was able to wear his Marine uniform to our our Granddad.

 My parents………..

 The Grandkids……..

 My Mom and her cousin Tommy, when I was small I would spend weeks in the Summer with Tommy and his kids…. so great to see you Tommy!

 You would never know they are related would you? Nah! 🙂

 That stunning woman in red is my Granddad’s 104 year old mother Ruby. What a blessing huh?

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