#BabyMakingDays The Results

 Thanks to Fertility Planit for sponsoring this post and giving me a Clearblue® Fertility Monitor. While I have received compensation for this post, all opinions are my own.

 So todays post marks the end of the Clearblue® #BabyMakingDays campaign and we just got thru the dreaded 2 Week Wait!! And I think this face below sums up my results…

Drumroll Please….

Better Luck Next Month I guess?!

took a pregnancy test this morning and the results were negative…. but hey,
it’s ok!! Using the Fertility Monitor this last month did make me feel more
confident than other months. It made me feel like I really might see a positive
result on the pregnancy test, so seeing the results was a let down but all
things happen for a reason, huh?

next for us?

The answer to that is easy, we will try until we get it right.  For us we were disappointed that the result
was not positive but we don’t dwell on it.

after using the Clearblue® Fertility Monitor this last month will I use it again
this month? Absolutely! Using the monitor while trying to conceive made
everything easier and more precise for us. In fact I opened my monitor up this
morning and scheduled in a new cycle to start again! I enjoyed seeing the Fertility
Monitor blink at me as a reminder that I need to test today – it was oddly
encouraging. And then in about 5 minutes I was able to have results letting me
know if today was a good day to conceive.

I recommend this product to my friends?

course, if you have been TTC for a few months then I highly recommend you
getting this touch screen Fertility Monitor. The Monitor will help with your
peace of mind… I promise!

is a little over $200, which is a little pricey to me, but I do think it is
worth it. For some the next step could be fertility drugs or even more invasive
steps in the future, so $200 is money well spent to know that you have tried
everything before moving on.

can check out the product to buy on Amazon by clicking
HERE! And before you know it this could be at your doorstep and you could be
seeing a positive result on your own pregnancy test.

I am so thankful I was part of the #BabyMakingDays campaign. It was a blessing
and of course I will continue to keep you all updated on our journey towards
becoming parents! Life can easily get in the way of this journey and it has for
us of course but I hope that in the coming months I will be updating you with
good news!

all of this on my blog was stepping out of my comfort zone for sure but knowing
that several friends of mine were encouraged and/or are getting the Clearblue®
Fertility Monitor for themselves has made this all worth while!!

Learn more about my #BabyMakingDays journey by checking in on my blog and learn more about Clearblue’s® Fertility Monitor with Touchscreen by following them on Facebook  Twitter and by visiting the Clearblue® website   


  1. Anonymous
    March 13, 2015 / 2:22 pm

    Sorry that the news was not positive today but, you have that monitor to help take out the guess work. Modern technology amazes me! I will be praying for you guys. I know you two will be amazing parents, you already are to your fur babies. Thanks for being so open and sharing your journey with us.

  2. Kylee Gonzalez
    March 13, 2015 / 2:51 pm

    Keep that positive attitude! 🙂

  3. Sara Strand
    March 13, 2015 / 3:36 pm

    Sad face. 🙁 I'm always torn between thinking these are the greatest tools to help couples conceive, and then thinking these are the worst because I know when you focus on it, it's harder to get pregnant. It's such a catch 22. I think you'll have the cutest baby ever when you least expect it. 😉 xoxo

  4. The Kovash Family
    March 14, 2015 / 3:45 am

    I got a negative test with all 3 kids the first time. Had to wait 3-5 days before I got a positive. Hang in there, it will happen!

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