Thunder Up!

 On Monday night our Okc Thunder was in town to play the Nuggets and I knew we had to go!! So last minute I got us tickets off of Flash Seats and I knew they were good but we had no idea how good until we got to the arena!!! We were directly behind the Nuggets bench with FLOOR SEATS! I mean I flipped my lid! (Too bad it wasn’t behind the Thunder bench)

I mean literally look how close we were and this is NOT using zoom! Since we were right behind the bench I called my parents and throughout the whole game they said they saw us sitting there!!! I mean it was the coolest!

 We heard Russell smack talk the Nuggets bench and yes, every time I yelled for my Thunder I may or may not have received some evil eyes!

 We had so much fun and our Thunder won the game! It was even more fun because it was last minute and a complete surprise that our tickets were floor seats!!!!!!

 Hey KD!!!!!!!!!!!

Thunder Up!!!!!!!

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