So we all know my husband is a District Manager who hires and trains new agents. Matt has been with Farmers for over 12 years and almost all his friends back home are in Insurance. They do so well, this isn’t just a job but a life long career if you make it one. I mean everyone has to have insurance and Farmers is the #2 company in Colorado. Farmers is not commission only, not only do they have a great training program but we offer our own program for new agents in our District office as well.
We also all know I work for Matt and do what he needs me to do in the office. For the last month I have taken over the role as recruiter. So I find resumes I like, reach out to them via our Monster account and get potential new agents in to interview with Matt.
Now let me explain to you what Monster is….. people place their resume on this “Job Search” site to get employers to reach out to them. That is the only purpose of Monster. Each morning I reach out to newly posted resumes and shoot them a quick email. No call, nothing else.
Why am I telling you this? You would not believe the way PEOPLE treat me. PEOPLE who want a job, PEOPLE who posted their resume online with their own FREE will. It is literally awful….. I hate logging on each morning because of the things people say to me.
Here are a few just from this week.

“You do not know me, and it is rude and unprofessional to address me by my given name!

There is no way in HELL that I will ever do business with your company, especially after this contact from you!If I receive SPAM from you again (I make over $200k a year, and these positions you state you are hiring for are WAY beneath my skill set, education, and experience levels, so it is legally defined as SPAM), I will take legal action against you and your employer. TRUST ME!”

“F*** Off”

“I already have a job, piss off.”

“Unless you can pay me a guaranteed 6 figures, shove this job up you a**”

“Insurance is a scam, if I get another email I will call the District Attorney or sue you”

“Get a real job like at McDonalds which would be more respectable and probably pay better than Insurance, F*** off”

Friends…. I could go on and on. And people will reply to me saying they will only talk to me once they hear what the salary is up front. I swear last time I tried to get a job I would never demand things up front from a potential employer. It is SO hard not to reply to these and even harder to not cry. What is wrong with people? Most of the time they don’t even take the time to see that I work for Farmers Insurance and NOT State Farm or Liberty Mutual…. they think we are all the same company and I will get reamed for emails from other companies. Why are people so hateful? Who does this? Why would you speak to someone offering you an interview this way?

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  1. Anonymous
    February 25, 2015 / 4:54 pm

    I honestly cannot believe people would act that way. I understand how you would want to cry, that is beyond rude and just downright mean! It has become so common though, people online behind a computer screen can be as mean and bully as they want, with no consequence to them. The only the person getting hurt is on the receiving end.

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