#BabyMakingDays Week 3

 Thanks to Fertility Planit for sponsoring this post and giving me a Clearblue® Fertility Monitor. While I have received compensation for this post, all opinions are my own.

Guys! We are already on Week 3 of #BabyMakingDays and week 3 of me using the
Clearblue® Touch Screen Fertility Monitor. I have gotten into a pretty good
routine of testing everyday and this week my result screen has been showing me
the “HIGH” screen. The HIGH screen means the chances of getting
pregnant are high this week! We shall see, huh? I am finding myself really
enjoying using the monitor and I am loving that it does all the work for me. No
calculations, No Guessing, No reading the “signs” this way I just
know thanks to the monitor! 

have had a few questions from friends that I thought I would take the time to
answer today!

Have I shared my results
or this process with my doctor?
I haven’t. I don’t see any reason to yet. At the
beginning of the process of trying to conceive my doctor told me to come back
once “X” amount of time has passed and we weren’t pregnant. At that
time we would talk about how to move forward in a way that would be best for
us. But that time hasn’t passed yet and I see no reason to schedule a doctor

Has using the Clearblue®
fertility monitor had an impact on our intimacy?
Not really. If I am going
to be completely honest it has made it easier. How? The fact that the monitor
tells me each day if our chances of conceiving are Low, High or Peak, takes away the guesswork as far as what days are
most important to us.

Has using the monitor
affected the emotional journey of TTC?
Again, not really. Why? Matt and I entered into
this whole process really open; we have no time restrictions, no deadline, and
no high hopes I guess I can say. So this process hasn’t been “really” emotional
for us in the sense that we haven’t been sad when it doesn’t happen. We literally
just say, “Ok, next month” and move on.

Something that has
affected me emotionally during this process of TTC is… my migraines. This
week and last week has been brutal, I have had a migraine every single day! NO
joke! That alone makes me feel blue and when
 I am down I start to think ….. how in the world can I raise a child on days I can’t take care of myself. It really scares me. Migraines are a chronic illness that I was born with and I will have forever, the only thing I can do is manage them. Matt and I don’t live by our families so we really just have one another so that is another worry. I have spoken to Matt about this several times and he knows how my migraines are, he understands that he will have to step up more and he says he is ok with that. But at the same time that doesn’t do much to calm my worry. Having migraines control my entire life and so while we are TTC this is of course a major issue that I worry about. The conclusion? We will do our best, I am stronger than I realize and I will forge thru like I always do. Or at least that is what I tell myself.

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