We only really did one “excursion” on our vacation in Mexico and we did it because it made Matt so happy! About 5 miles from our resort is the stunning resort compound of Mayakoba (HERE) and next week the PGA will be having a tournament at their beautiful golf course! In fact this is the only PGA tournament in Mexico and Matt got to play the course!!!!!

 And me? I was the BEST cart driver around!! I also tried to capture the day for us both and I picked out a few of my favorite pictures that best showcase this beautiful course!

 This course has 3 parts……beach, jungle and swamp… is truly the perfect essence of Mexico!

 Here was my favorite hole…. I mean this is unreal!

 I was so funny….I literally got out of the cart and ran up to the hole to look over at the beach and ocean. It sounds repetitive but it was one of the most beautiful places I have I been……and ya, Matt was overjoyed!

 This was so cool…… In the middle of that fairway is literally a cave! It was so neat…..

 And yup, our little friends were all over the course and they pretty much made my day!!

 Someone told me they look like little Brontosauruses and that cracks me up…..they do!!!!

It was a great day and Matt even Birdied a hole……which will be neat for him to watch the greats like Rory and Tiger next week play the SAME hole!!!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous
    November 5, 2014 / 2:31 pm

    How exciting for Matt and fun for you! The scenery is amazing!

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