Gone Girl

I read Gone Girl about a 1 1/2 years ago and I loved it, since I have been counting down the days to the movie debut! Last Saturday while Matt and my Dad watched football Mom and I went to see this and I was blown away! First of all I loved seeing it with someone who hadn’t read the book…..to see her reaction to everything. Second, I was so excited about the cast and they did not disappoint AT ALL….they were brilliant! I loved every minute of this movie and it just might be my favorite movie this year. No really, it was. You guys must go and see this 5 STARS!!!!

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  1. Ashleigh
    October 14, 2014 / 3:02 am

    Awe I am glad you was able to have some mother/daughter time. I am sure she enjoyed it just as much as you did! I cannot wait to see it too…

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