So…… about 2 years ago I picked up Outlander because everyone said I should. And maybe I wasn’t in the mood for it or maybe it was hard to picture this new world in my head but either way I put the book down. Fast forward to 6 weeks ago when the Outlander series debuted on Starz and I am now officially in love.

 This past Saturday Claire and Jamie got married and it was swoon-worthy indeed!!!! After the wedding I am absolutely obsessed with their love story. I actually ran out Sunday to re-buy the book and last night I dove into it!! The mid-season finale of the show is this week and I cannot let go of it so I am well on my way into immersing myself into the series.

Have you watched it?? Read it?? If not you need to do both but check out the series, I just love it. I love the actors they are perfect and the setting is just stunning, I love being able to picture it all in my head.

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