Dining Re-Do!

This was our eat-in kitchen when we first moved in, we didn’t hang anything on the walls and I just worked with what we unpacked first. I have to tell you that this table was my first single purchase, my Mom and I picked this out when I was 22 for my apartment and it has been the focal point of meals for 11 years. But all good things come to an end. 

 We wanted to create more space and we were not sure that our Pottery Barn formal dining furniture would fit in this space but with some tweaking it worked……And this idea to switch out tables was actually Matt’s idea….so kudos to him! And by removing the side table it opened the space more.

 This is my kitchen, it is much smaller than my Ohio home but it works for now and I love how open it is. I also LOVE the white quartz counter tops I must have them in my next home!

 I got all the new decor from Home Goods and when we removed our side table we lost our wine rack so I incorporated this fun crate into the table decor. I love how it is functional and darling! And yup, that is a wire apple…..why not?!!! I wanted the table linens to match the house but also work into Fall and I like how it turned out!

 I got the EAT light up marquee sign and arrow at Home Goods and I am obsessed with both!!!!! The “spoon” canvas Matt got for me as a surprise from Ikea and it may not fit in perfectly but it fit in perfectly with our budget! ($14) I also added 2 pillows to the chairs at the head of the table for a little luxurious feel….and the side of the table with no chairs is a bench! I love it!
Can you all spot Oscar lurking in the shadows??

When my family was here we were all able to sit at the same table and eat and I loved it, so when Matt’s family comes back this will be a perfect fit also!
Thanks for taking a tour of my home…..I have a few more rooms left that I will show next week!

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  1. Anonymous
    September 15, 2014 / 1:22 pm

    So cute. Glad your table worked out and the accessories. The spoon picture is great and the apple too. I love your patio door. It looks like "shutters" top to bottom. I have seen them in windows but, never floor to ceiling. (Not quite to ceiling here though).

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