Broncos Birthday!!

 I had a wonderful weekend filled with LOVE and exhaustion! haha! When the family visits I always want to show them so much that I wear us all out, my bad!
Friday night when they flew in we celebrated my Dads Birthday, it’s a 3 year tradition…… each year on Labor Day my family visits and we celebrate my Dad! Last year we took them to the National Airspace Museum in Dayton! This year I took them to a place Matt and I love….North in Cherry Creek!

Mom, Matt and I had a BIG gift for Dad a few months in the making……. we went in together and got the 4 of us tickets in the lower bowl for the Broncos game on Oct 5!!!!! And we not only got tickets but Matt and I booked Dad’s flight already!!!!! This will be Dad’s first NFL game!

 I put the tickets for the game and his airline confirmation in a fun Broncos mug!!

 If you can’t tell this is my beaming with happiness face!!! This face comes out when I know that I have accomplished making someone else happy!!!!!! eek! Dad was so excited!

 To celebrate I got us all tickets on Saturday to tour the Broncos Stadium! We got to go in the suites, press boxes, lockers and on the field!!!!

 How stunning is this??? This was the morning after the big CU vs CSU game so that is why Broncos is not written on the field!

 This made Mom and Dad so much more excited for the game after we got to learn more about the team and really be on the field! It was so much fun!

 Stay tuned for more pics this week!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous
    September 3, 2014 / 8:30 pm

    I love the one of you when your Dad was getting his present. Seeing the joy in the giver is just as nice as seeing it in the receiver. It reminded me of the 4th of July with my nieces. I took a moment to not look at the fireworks and look at the amazement in their faces. It is the little moments in life that mean the most. The older I get the more I realize that.

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