Cherry Creek Food and Wine Festival

2 Weekends ago Matt and I went to the Cherry Creek Food and Wine Festival and we just had the best time! It was stepping outside the box for us, going to something new without knowing anyone but this event had me at FOOD and WINE! Did you hear me say Gourmet FOOD???????

 All the restaurants in Cherry Creek participated and we got to have some really thoughtfully prepared tasting portions from them all!!! There was live music, perfect weather and we even met some new people! Next year we will dress us a tad more…..I realized this was an event in an exclusive area but we were shocked by how dressy it was! 🙂

 The food was AMAZING! We had everything from this delish baby Key Lime Pie to Sushi to Ribs to Pasta!!!! And the sizes were enough to fill us up!

We just had a wonderful time, the perfect Date Night!

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