December 2012, 176 pounds


August 2014, 141 pounds

Top: J Crew HERE ; White Jeans: Forever 21 HERE ; Shoes: Target HERE ; Necklace: Anthropologie, Sold out

You guys……I have never before looked at a picture of myself at my heaviest and then myself now…..I’m embarrassed! Why didn’t anyone tell me? Ok, I take that back my brother told me….isn’t that what little brothers are for???? Thanks (sarcasm)
Ok….back on track………….
As of today, I lost 19% of my body weight and I am officially down 35 pounds. It doesn’t seem like that much to me until I get my Weight Watchers magazine and I see that they feature people for losing 35 pounds….that is what puts it into perspective for me. And FYI….I still have 5 more to go! 136 is the end game for me!!! And I have 2 months to do it…..until we go to Mexico in October!!!!

Let me say something to everyone wanting to loose weight fast……… it doesn’t work.

This took me 18 Months!!!!! 

No fad diets, no pills, no wraps, no creams no nothing but plain and simple watching what I eat and increasing my activity. During that time I never gained it back, I only maintained in between losing and that is truly the only way to go.

Here are the things I did that help me………..

* Weight Watchers!!!! I did this religiously for the first 9 months by tracking everything I ate but after that I knew what foods where what points and what I needed to eat and what not to! (that was a mouthful, ha…no pun intended) WW is the way to go…..it is a lifestyle NOT a diet!
* No goals……….. What you say??? Think about it….everyone who says I am gonna do this and loose 10 pounds this month is setting themselves up for failure. When you do not meet that goal you say “F it” and then gain back and have to start over. I just lived my new lifestyle and if I screwed up over the weekend I got back on track on Monday and then the number I see on the scale every week was a bonus!
* I also only aimed to loose weight every other week……the other weeks I tried to maintain that weight, which really worked for me!!!!!!
* NO Pop (NO diet pop which is awful for you), NO Mixed drinks, NO Beer….only Coffee, Tea and Water plus the occasional glass of wine!!!!
* What I cooked was the #1thing for me………. Check out all my posts tagged “WW” and scroll thru and find my favorite recipes!!!! You can see that HERE

For everyone who wants to know about me “testing” the Vegan waters………..

I have played around with being Vegan for years and the main reason is my LOVE for animals and the way they are treated. But it has been hard for me to go cold turkey. The last 6 months I have found a way to make this work with me…..Part time Vegan. The book above is the perfect thing for people like me and the weight loss is an added bonus to this lifestyle! I eat vegetarian about 4-5 nights a week and now I incorporate at least ONE Vegan meal a day! Taking out meat occasionally is very helpful in losing weight! It works for me, you can look into it for sure! I have been posting some new Vegan meals on my blog lately that I have tried and loved! You can find my first 2 recipes HERE!!

And guys…..I am NOT at all the expert, my way is not best but people have asked and I wanted to share with you things that have worked for me! The #1 thing….. Patience! I am still a work in progress and yes, I still love donuts and cake in moderation!


  1. Anonymous
    August 11, 2014 / 1:49 pm

    WAY TO GO! I am proud of you showing people the comparison photos. It is hard to look at, much less share the "before" pictures but, showing others the difference inspires! You and I both know it. I agree with all your points 100%! I know my ultimate # on the scale I want to reach but, it is a lifestyle I will do forever and however long it takes. Others at the meeting are losing faster but, everyone has to run their own race. Keep at it! I know you feel amazing along with looking it!

  2. Jillian
    August 12, 2014 / 6:54 pm

    Nicole! You look amazing! Keep it up!

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