Savage Trip- Part 1

Matts family was here during the week of 4th of July and I am excited to share our week with you all!!! Matt’s dad came up early to stay with Matt and I a few days before the rest of the family arrived and on Tuesday the two of us made a day trip to Estes Park. This day happened to be one of my favorites of the week! The weather was perfect, the sun was shining and we got to see such a beautiful part of my new state. 

After lunch in Estes Park we headed up to the Rocky Mountain National Park, this was my first time and I was in awe the whole day!!!

During our 4+ hour journey up and down the mountains we stopped and took hundreds of pictures and took in all the sites. I have tried to pick out a few pictures that capture the day best to share with you all! I swear I was so silly, I insisted on getting out to touch this run-off from the snow capped mountains and I can profess that it was indeed very cold! ha!

 Look at this view…it was so nice to be able to take up our new camera and give it a whirl!

 Amazing huh? It still boggles my mind that I live here…..I mean this is literally like 2 hours from my house. So weird. This defiantly isn’t Oklahoma or Ohio…

Here it is folks…..the highlight of my day….ANIMALS!!!!! We were so close and it was absolutely amazing. (Those are trackers around their necks I was told)

 Not only did we get to see these big bucks but there were also babies!!! I wish we had gotten pictures of them, they were adorable…watching them run around and play made my day! Is now a good time to ask how in the world anyone sees this creature and thinks “Can’t wait to kill that”?? Ok, ok….you all know my thoughts on that …..moving on #iwannahugit

 The drive was really enjoyable and luckily I got to drive….I think if I was a passenger I would have been super sick to my stomach! eek!

 It was a nice day for my Father-in-law and I to share to together and lucky me he has a sweet tooth also so he let me stop by this pastry shop I read about in Boulder on the way home! Delish!

I will have another post today and more to come all week!!!! Happy Monday Friends!

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  1. Anonymous
    July 15, 2014 / 1:29 pm

    Love the pictures. It is so beautiful. I have always heard the concerts at Red Rocks were amazing! Those deer are beautiful and the Buck, WOW! The first time I watched Bambi, I was like "hunters need to watch this movie before getting a license"…LOL!

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