Monday Movie Madness

It has been too long since I have posted some movie reviews huh?? And it’s not because I haven’t been seeing any….. So today I decided I would narrow them down to my 3 favorites to share with you!

 I am going to admit it,  I was very nervous going in to see Planet of the Apes….the first one scarred me. I know the apes are not real but the abuse that was shown in the first movie broke my heart and may or may not have made me cry. But when the trailer for the sequel came out it just looked SO good I had to give it a try…… AND I am pleased to say that this one was not like the first, yes you really feel for the apes and their predicament but not in the way you do in the first! The special effects of this movie are incredible and it is visually stunning! In this movie you will fall in love with Caesar as he takes his place as leader of the apes and I loved the new cast including Keri Russell! This movie has heart, action and leaves you wanting more! Go see it!

 So……Deliver us from Evil is based on a book that I recently read……. the true story of Ralph Sarchie a NYPD sergeant who realizes his “calling” is based in the paranormal. Ralph actually worked with Ed & Lorraine Warren as well as Father Malachi Martin a world renowned exorcist. (Yes, that sentence just came out of my mouth and yes, it’s my “thing” let it go.)
The book I loved and it was amazing hearing his stories and learn how he went from NYPD to working with an exorcist. The movie adaption is “based” on the book….the facts are there but the story is filled in for the movie. I loved it! It was such a thriller, no gore thankfully and the story really pulled me in. It isn’t a conventional movie but I LOVED it!

Oh Transformers we just can’t let you go!!! Was this the best movie? No, Was this movie too long? Yes, Was Marky Mark a great addition? Yes! This movie is what it is fun, action and the addition of a charming Mark Walhberg make this the perfect Summer block buster! Short and Sweet!

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  1. Anonymous
    July 21, 2014 / 4:59 pm

    This has nothing to do with the movies but, I am glad you updated your blog photo. The one of Matt kissing you was so sweet but, you need to show the new you look going on! There are a few movies I want to see and just need to make the time…Tammy (I love Melissa McArthy but, I heard it got horrible reviews) and the other was the one with Adam Levine. Who wouldn't want to look at him for 2 hours and I love the theme song. Happy Monday!

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