Catching up with Nicole……

I am sure you have noticed that I haven’t talked about my weight loss since the move to Denver and the reason why is simple…..Because there is nothing to tell. Since I have moved I haven’t lost any weight but on the up side I haven’t gained either. I am holding steady at 144. Which is 33 pounds lost since I started this journey! I wear an 8 or a 6 instead of a 10 or 12!
I swear I have to get back on it……I really want to see 139 on the scale and hit the 35 pound milestone! It has been hard to try and lose weight while getting to know Denver and the Denver food scene! HA, but really! We go to Mexico in October and I really want to hit the 130s even if it is 139!! Wish me luck!

As you know I have posted homes we love here in Denver on the blog and I have talked about how the plan was to build here in Denver for a Feb 2015 move in……and plans change. It has been 2 weeks now and I have processed the information and I am moving forward but here is what happened…..
Matt is 1099 as a business owner (Farmers Insurance hired him to run his own district) and since we just moved here are essentially screwed. We qualify by Income, Credit and our past home ownership but since we have not lived IN Denver for 2 years we cannot get a mortgage. You HAVE to have 1-2 years at least of W2 or 1099 tax returns IN Colorado. So since Matt was W2 last year in Ohio and we moved for this position which is 1099 we are unable to buy a home. It is insane and stupid.
I mean you all know we picked out this Town home in 5 days without even seeing it and if I would have known this would end of being a 2 year home we would have picked different. But it is what it is and here is what we are doing to help us settle with this home……..

We never decorated or really settled since this was suppose to be less than a year of living so……I have thrown myself into making this a home. That is why we are getting a King bed and moving the Queen into the guest room….to make it nicer for our guests! We are also moving my large desk in the loft into storage and putting in a cute Daybed we picked out at Ikea that folds out into a full size! This weekend we are getting that storage unit and cleaning out the garage to make room for my car! YAY, no more parking on the street and hail damage! SO we are making the best of a small home and this time next year we might try to get a mortgage again. It is always something with us.

So guys that is the latest on my life!!!

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  1. Anonymous
    August 1, 2014 / 1:14 pm

    That is awesome on 144! Maintaining is a good thing as well, especially if you are dining out often. You will get in the 130's…I believe in you. To lose 30+ lbs is a huge success, be proud of yourself. Sorry, to hear about the house situation but, I am sure you will have the townhouse into a "home" with your personal touch in no time.

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