The BIG Catch UP

Guys! I am BACK!! I’m sorry I was gone so long but I was just in a rut, I was trying to start a life here and I was just plain stuck when it came to blogging! But I am slowly pulling myself out of it!

I have a few things to catch you all up on today and the rest of this week that we have done over the last few weeks!!! Lets dive in……..

A few weeks ago we spent all day Sunday planting our new flowers, herbs and fixing up our patio….we celebrated by dining on our patio with Salmon BLT’s (Recipe HERE) !!! Having everything fixed up outside our Town Home made me happy, made me feel at home. 

 Then this happened…… who knew Denver had such severe weather??? All of that is hail!! It shattered all our new patio lights and literally killed every single plant and herb that we spent so much time and money on! It was scary, we had Tornados and the whole thing……it wasn’t the best welcome to Denver!

 And this happened………my entire Jeep that I love so much is covered with hail dents! Like literally all over….it is soo depressing! You see in the town home we don’t have enough room so our garage is used for storage only…..hence my car being parked outside and getting beat to hell. Bummer

 Do-Over……on Memorial weekend we re-planted everything and got new patio lights (more sturdy this time) and so far so good! Now we try to enjoy it and eat outside as much as we can!

Guess what? We are officially Coloradans……WHY??? We got bikes! Nothing fancy, just bikes from Target but who knew it would be so much fun?? Now don’t get me wrong…..I am not some crazed biker but I am a rider for enjoyment on my cruiser bike!!! I look like a nerd in a helmet huh????? Totally! Matt and I even biked a mile for brunch a few weeks ago and it was so fun……who are we? People who bike to Brunch now I guess! hahaha

The past 2 weeks Matt and I had 2 really fun Date Nights……. Memorial weekend we got gussied up and went to eat at a nice steakhouse!! We actually had a gift certificate that I got from my In-Laws for my Birthday and it was nice to finally use it! Matt and I had a really nice time together, it was nice to get out and actually take time to talk to each other instead of going thru the motions of life. 

Last Friday night I got us tickets to the Denver Science Museum Summer Nights…… Food, Drinks, live music and we got to tour the new Maya Exhibit! It was just something totally different and we loved it……after the museum we headed down to an area we love Cherry Creek to have a late dinner at North Italia! 

I think that covers most of what I have been up to…….I have a few more posts to come today and tomorrow….some outfits I loved and our adventures Suburb/House Shopping!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous
    June 4, 2014 / 6:13 pm

    Lots of great (and not so great) catch up news! I look forward to more posts. Hopefully the weather will stay settled down. We are in the 90's all this week, Summer officially has arrived in Texas!

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