I Just Want to Feel Better

 About 2 weeks ago I had a week with NO migraines……all week, like everyday all day. I literally could not believe it….it was the most wonderful thing ever! I was in a good mood, more productive, Matt and I went to a nice dinner and talked over wine, it was a wonderful week. But since I have had migraines non-stop. I always say it….I am sick of being sick and that is how I feel again right now. This below is me……and starting my new job with Matt and being on a computer all day is making everything worse. Why me?

 Lately I have been reading up on several migraine books by Doctors and Chefs plus doing non-stop research since traditional medicine and doctors are not helping me. And the thing is even after all this research……..what in the world am I suppose to do!???? Here are the Top 3 Diet changes that all boast about their incredible results, testimonials and stories of people’s lives being turned around……

Being a vegan is known to help and so many people have told me this works, and from a humane animal perspective this is great….Great for me…..but is it the answer?

No Gluten or Sugar diet

This diet boasts all whole food………Veggies, minimal meat but dairy and animal products are fine. This also says to skip citrus, processed and aged food. The results seem good for this too… but this is very different from being Vegan.

The last is the “List” of known food triggers and what not to eat……but not all of these could be my triggers? They are all random and no doctors seem to agree on the same types of food? Why can’t the medical profession get it together?

So…….Which one? Maybe a weird combination of the 3 and call it the “Nicole”??? But another thing I have been thinking about is, if I know that a huge lifestyle change like this for me could potentially cut my migraines down immensely then why am I not doing it??? Why am I lazy? Why am I so stuck into the way I eat and cook now??? Sometimes I think I am so stupid not to jump on a change but these diets are not easy. I am doing more research, talking with Matt, bought some new cookbooks and I can do it! I have to.

This picture sums up my life perfectly……I sometimes sit and think what is it like to wake up normal? Really, what is it like?

Do you have thoughts on which of these I should do? Do you know someone? I would love to hear all testimonials that I can! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email at nsavage@live.com


  1. Jamie
    June 11, 2014 / 5:43 pm

    Have you ever had gluten testing done? Before I jumped on the bandwagon that it could be gluten since gluten free is a huge lifestyle change I would have the testing done to see if you have an intolerance. Obviously it could be triggering migraines without having an intolerance but I'd check it out first!

  2. Anonymous
    June 12, 2014 / 1:00 pm

    I typed a post and it disappeared. My 37 year old niece switched to an all gluten free diet and has never felt better. She switched due to intestinal issues though. (I did not realize there was testing involved). I am sure she had it done though since she was seeing a specialist. I hope you find some relief and soon! Change is very difficult. I am just as bad.

  3. Becky
    June 13, 2014 / 5:03 pm

    I think your thoughts of doing "the Nicole" version is correct. Unfortunately no two people are the same so you have to find what works for you. But I agree that change is inevitable if you want to feel better.

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