Move in

Our stuff arrived on Saturday, 3 days after Mom and I arrived and boy oh boy was it a mess. I have to admit that we got the 3 slowest movers in the history of movers!! Yes, we have a lot of stuff but it took them 8 hours on Saturday and then 4 MORE on Sunday! I swear our neighbors must have thought the Beverly Hillbillies moved next door!

 This explains everything perfectly! Yes, there were times that Mom and I were so delirious and overwhelmed that we would laugh our heads off over nothing. And no not happy laughs… crazy person I am having a breakdown laugh. Matt said it scared him!

 What was so complicated is that this Town home is only 10 months and we had to use our garage here as a storage unit….literally stacked to the ceiling. So….. only 1/2 the stuff came into the home and most of the 1/2 I wanted inside didn’t make it. So we are living with a hodge-podge of stuff with the majority of everything somewhere in the Tetris design that is our garage! ugh

 It took me over a week to go thru boxes and get this home to a livable space…….. we aren’t decorating for 2 reasons:
1. Most everything is boxed in the garage
2. We don’t want to have to repaint or do anything to this home in 10 months when we move.
SO that is weird. End of story. Weird.

Moving really is the WORST…I cannot explain to you how much I hate it! This weekend I will take some pictures of the place to give you all a tour!!!


  1. Ashleigh
    May 3, 2014 / 7:45 pm

    Boo to slow movers! I bet if it was to their own homes they would move their butt a little faster.. I am sorry it was not so fun for you all during that time…

  2. Becky
    May 14, 2014 / 5:32 pm

    So excited to visit you in the new place. Just wish your first few days there hadn't been so "eventful".

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