One Week

You guys…… ONE week from today we close on our Ohio Home!!!!!! EEEKKKkkkk! At this point I feel like I have so much to do and nothing to do at the same time! I am in “list making” over drive….we all know I love a good list and each one I make calms my anxieties just a tad! The next 3 days I am meeting ALL my Ohio friends for a “Last Supper” and by all I mean all 3 of them! hahaha! 

You know the logistics of moving across the country are intense, here is the plan……

* Matt gets in next Thursday afternoon and he then has to immediately paint the guest room since some a touch of paint peeled up when I removed my command strips. He told me to wait since I am not that good at painting! 

*As of now next Friday morning at 9am we close and that morning I will also take Bella to the vet to be boarded. A cat would get so upset seeing stuff move out of the house, I can’t put her thru all that stress!
* Saturday the movers arrive and all day they pack us up. YES we have movers and the amount of relief I have is too big to talk about!!! We got a 65% OFF deal since this is still the slow moving season (Nov-May is the dead time they say) Saturday Mom also arrives…. yup, I needed my partner in crime!

* Sunday the movers come back to load, the whole house will be loaded on the semi on Sunday. Sunday Matt is actually leaving with Abner and Ralph. He is crazy and he is gonna do it in 2 days again. 11 hours is a long time for dogs to be in a car for one day. But that is his thing… and I can’t worry about it. 

* Sunday night Mom, Oscar and I will stay in a hotel here in Pickerington and on our way out of town Monday morning we will get Bella from the vet and hit the road.

* Mom and I are doing 3, 7-8 hour days of driving:

Day 1 to St. Louis and we actually get to stay with my Brother and Sister-in-law 

Day 2 to Kansas to stay in a small motel in the middle of nowhere 

Day3, to Denver!
Our movers will arrive in Denver Between Thurs and Sat the week we move. And then they will then unload and unpack us! Not bad huh? The only craziness there will be that our Townhome is 1/2 the size of our house so 1/2 our stuff we will be storing in the garage for the next 10 months until we buy a home!!! 

Mom and I will try to fit in some fun and tool around our new city and then she will fly home the following weekend!

Whew! That was a lot huh??? Wish me luck!!!!

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  1. Girl On a Journey
    April 9, 2014 / 4:37 pm

    As you can see I am playing catch up on your blog. I read on the go here and there the past week. Matt should be arriving today. I can't believe you close in 2 days! Stay calm is right. Having movers pack, drive it, and upack is the biggest relief I am sure. I hope the furr babies do well again on the drives. Keep us posted. Take care.

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