3 Days, 6 States and $300 in Gas!

BIG on pictures…….. short on words!!!

Matt loaded up all the dogs 2 days before Mom and I headed out and they hit the road for a boys road trip! I wanted Oscar to come with me but I gave in and let Matt have all my boys!

Yup, there it is…… our life all in the driveway in Ohio. It was surreal and it was sad to see the home I loved empty and say goodbye!

 Monday morning April 14 Mom and I picked up Bella from the vet and hit the road for Day 1 to St. Louis!

 Goodbye Ohio…….. Hello new future!

 Sometimes you become delirious and inventive when in the car for 8 hours! The perfect spot for my lemon Oreos don’t ya think?

 For day 1 we got a treat….. we got to spend the night with my Brother, Sister-in-law and my niece Dagny…….isn’t she adorbs? Jordan cooked us a yummy dinner and it was nice to see them and get to spend time even if it was only for a night!

 SO…. you know me….on the way out of St. Louis I stopped at the “Exorcist” home that was featured on Ghost Adventures! This was the home that held the events that lead to the movie The Exorcist! Eek 


 Day 2 was to Kansas, Salina to be exact and I needed coffee……lots of coffee!

 So this happened……. Front seat driver, ghesh!

 Bella didn’t really love being shuttled to my brothers home, then a hotel…….cats don’t like things like that but she was a trooper….a gripey one but a trooper!

 This face explains how much I just love driving, packing, moving, eating on the road…..bleh.

 Day 3 was the drive to Denver and this happened! For real in the middle of NOWHERE Kansas I got a ticket for going 90! Yikes! Mom and I just laughed!

 Then we made it to our new Town Home for the next 10 months! Welcome Home……………..

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  1. Anonymous
    May 1, 2014 / 7:06 pm

    What a journey! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Janet

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