While Mom was here we wanted to not only do all of our favorite things one last time here in Columbus but we also wanted to see a few new things, one being the Diana exhibit in Cincinnati!

 This is the last stop on the Diana Tour before all the pieces retire at the Palace! Yes, we got to see THE Wedding gown she wore which was just unbelievable to see a piece of history like that up close. (I didn’t sneak a picture) The exhibit was just a neat experience…….

 This picture is my favorite, I mean it is hard to wrap your head around the fact that the crown is not made of rhinestones but seeing here positioned right behind was really neat.

 The exhibit housed all the iconic outfits she wore throughout the years as well as the pictures of her wearing them. There was also a room devoted to Diana’s childhood which was neat to see, I didn’t realize she was a Ballerina and had a love for the Ballet.

 They did a great job on the exhibit the only complaint we had was that is was too short, we would have liked to see more. The room devoted to her death was very emotional and surreal.

 That night when we got home we rented the Diana movie with Naomi Watts, and ya it was real neat to watch this after being so close to many of the outfits portrayed in this movie. But…. as a whole this movie is a “Wait until HBO or Cable” type of movie!

Saturday morning Mom and I got up early and had a spa date which we have never done! We even had facials which was a first for us both and we agreed that we could get use to that! haha!

I scheduled us for Facials, Pedi/Mani, chair massage and makeup application……..we had such a wonderful and relaxing time!

 Mom LOVED it which was the point after all, it makes me happy knowing I planned something that we fell in love with.

 Mom also enjoyed getting her makeup done………… after this we had lunch and ran some errands around Columbus!

 Mom also got in some prime snugglin with all the boys, they were SO happy to see her!

 We did do a little shopping and I DID get a new Spring/Summer purse with matching wallet! The wallet was from my Mom as a little early Birthday present! Thanks Mom! I fell in love with this bag because Navy/White is very spring/summer and the top handle/color blocking is huge right now! I am not going to use it until we get to Denver……..no need to break it out or get it dirty now!

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  1. Girl On a Journey
    March 21, 2014 / 3:45 pm

    Looks like another amazing time with your Mom. Y'all are blessed to have such a close relationship. Love the purse, sneaking some pics of the exhibit, and I look forward to the movie.

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