3 Hours

So finally this movie is out on DVD and I was able to see why this movie is so polarizing. Polarizing how? Between people who like to be bored to death for 3 hours and those of us who don’t.
I know, I know…….. ya, this movie was intriguing for sure with getting to see this insane look into the lives of the 1% but it just kept going and going. One conversation between characters in this movie would would last 20 minutes and none of it was anything I cared about. Yes, I did laugh quite a bit during this one drug use scene but after the scene dragged on for 20 minutes it got old fast! Note to self when you are paralyzed by drugs don’t try to drive your car. #wordstoliveby
I didn’t hate this movie at all, but it just left me with a feeling that I wasted 3 hours of my evening and got nothing in return.  If you want to see the jest of the movie along with the best scenes then watch this preview a few times…….

Did you see it? Am I way off base?

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