This past Saturday afternoon I had a Divergent Date for ONE! I read the book last year and really enjoyed it so I was excited to see it come to life on the big screen! And to be honest I LOVED it! I really did, the movie was not cheesy at all and it truly brought the book to life on the screen…. it was great to see this Dystopian world in a place other than my mind. I thought the actors were good, Four was great and not just because he was so good looking! I also loved that the characters were portrayed older in the film (only by a handful of years). I never went on to read Book 2 or 3 after reading the first one but Saturday night I dove right into Book 2, I was completely ready to immerse myself back into this world!
This was a very enjoyable movie…..you should go check it out even if you haven’t read the books!!!

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  1. Elise @ High Heels and Glittering Eyes
    March 26, 2014 / 2:26 pm

    I went and saw this Saturday and LOVED it! As soon as I'm done with Mockingjay, this is my next series.

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