Ok, I just want to put this out there….getting new carpet is SO much work! You literally have to move out of your stuff just to move right back in…..I clearly underestimated the amount of work this would entail! BUT….I survived!!!!! 

 The new carpet goes sooo much better with the home and it really warms up the great room! In fact it made me love my home even more…boohoo…I don’t wanna move (ok, tantrum over)! The carpet goes really well with our kitchen tile also…….So much more flow then white! DON”T even buy a home with white carpet….gag!
I was so lucky to have my friend Kylee come over to help me put the house back together the next day, she was a life saver!!! Literally.

 While I have been organizing, cleaning and trying to get this house ready to go on the market the boys have loved having their Mom home with them all day!!! How cute are these two? I found them like this having a morning snuggle sesh the other day! #adorbs

 Drum Roll Please……………
It is official Casa Savage is for SALE!!!!!! I put the sign up today complete with homemade flyers which I am quite proud of! To check out our listing on For Sale By Owner just click HERE!!!
I worked hard on this and I really think someone is going to fall in love with this house as much as we did.
Any buyers out there????

Now if only all the snow would melt or shovel itself??

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