The Lone Survivor

 I read this book back in 2009 when a great friend from Book Club introduced it to us all. In 2009 I gave RAVE reviews for this book and I tried pushing it on everyone I knew. The easiest way to tell you what it is about is to show you the recent movie trailer……

When the trailer for this movie came out about 5 months ago it gave me chills…… and after watching the movie this past weekend it too gave me chills. This is the true story of Operation Redwing as told by Marcus Luttrell, the survivor. This book was very in depth and there is no way this movie could cover every little thing so lets get that out of the way for those of you who have also read the book. NOW>…. the movie was amazing. This movie gives you such an emotional connection to the Seals which made the entire story line pack that much more punch. The actors? Incredible….. really. I thought they truly showed what these guys went thru. Their agony was real, they made everyone believe it. I knew what I was getting into, this is violent, harsh, emotional and amazing…..but just know that before you watch. Also there were a ton of parents with little kids….this is NOT a little kid movie…..between the rough-true-to-life guy talk it is very bloody.

GOOO see this!

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