Monday Movie Madness!

We have seen a few movies over the past few weeks….some we just re-watched but others we saw for the first time!!! And sadly there is the Good, The Bad and the….interesting. Lately I haven’t seen a movie that was just crazy for….have you?

So I realize that telling you that Anchorman 2 was awful is somehow “un-American” but I speak the truth people! Now…..I will say I was at this movie over Christmas with my family at my favorite theater in Oklahoma so with all of those factors I was incredible happy….. but I was also incredible happy when this movie was over. I guess I am just not a “stupid humor” person….I need something more. Yes, there were scenes that I laughed and parts I enjoyed but when you count down the minutes until it is over while Will Ferrell bottle feeds a shark then……it wasn’t for you. Did anyone else see this????????

 American Hustle……Ok, I kinda shot myself in the foot with this one because I had read in several of my magazines that this was one of the “BEST Movies of the year”…. So going in with that level of expectations was rough. BUT….with that being said this is a good movie, it really is! I loved the 70s, the costumes, the music and the actors were amazing! I will say though that they could have shaved off about 20minutes and then it would of been that much better….it dragged in places! This was just a fun movie about double-crossing, hustling, love, crime and the FBI! We both enjoyed it!

 Prisoners…..another movie that needed about 30 minutes of dead time shaved off! I wanted to see this in the theater but didn’t get to, so I was very excited when it came out OnDemand a few weeks ago! The actors are great, Hugh Jackman is unlike we had ever seen him…..and he makes you ask yourself what would you do if you were him??? This movie left me thinking which is always a good sign and it really does hold onto the twist until the end! There are a few scenes that are very brutal, they were hard to watch but it is right on for this story line. I definitely recommend that you rent this movie!!! And then ask yourself what would you do if your child went missing???

Have you seen any great movies lately????

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  1. Anonymous
    January 6, 2014 / 2:44 pm

    I saw Prisoners and what an ending! I would see it again but, I agree that parts were very brutal. I have been dying to see Anchorman 2, although I have not even seen 1. I just love Will Farrell. A friend brought me the first one over the weekend to watch. Thanks for your review though. I am not one for stupid humor at all either.

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