Losing it in the New Year!

Yup, looks who is back on track!!!! This exact week last year is when I started Weight Watchers and I did not have a particular goal set……I just wanted to loose weight without a number looming over my head. Something I am most proud of is that from Jan-Nov I never gained….I only lost. Last year I lost a total of 28 pounds! I started at 176 and a week before Christmas I weighed in at 148! I was proud of myself. Now, I will be honest during the Holidays and being at home for Christmas…..I did not think about WW once! And I was ok with that, I wanted to just enjoy! So a week ago I weighed in at 153, I had gained 5 pounds give or take during the Holidays and that is what I expected!
Last Monday I recommitted to WW and I lost 2 pounds last week!! As of this past Friday I weighed in at 151.2 !
This year I do actually have a goal……. I would first like to loose the other 3 pounds I gained and then I would like to loose just 10! My Goal is to be 138! We shall see huh?? I will start doing these posts again, hopefully posting my recipes and all that like I use to! We need each other…..Is anyone else back on to loose??? Anyone doing WW???

I do have 1 tidbit for you…….SO I don’t love the frozen meals I eat at lunch but I tolerate them….a means to an end! BUT….this week I found one I LOVED! I know right? This meal is really good and really filling!!!

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  1. Girl On a Journey
    January 13, 2014 / 2:58 pm

    I am back on track too. I maintained this past Saturday. I was happy since my brother was in town. He made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and then we had pizza late the night before weigh in. I am always superstitious and try to eat a salad on Friday nights or Frozen yogurt. Silly I know! I lost 25 last year and this year I just want to eat healthier and move more. Maybe lose another 25 this year. I have well over a hundred pounds to lose. Let's do this!

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