I Love a Good Vest!

I have a thing for vests…..not the 1985 vests that my mother made me wear growing up BUT the chic puffer vest, leather…..you name it kind! SO I thought I would share with you some of my recent favorites all from different stores and all different price points!!!

* J Crew, oh JCrew how I love thee and how I love your “Excursion Vests”. I have this vest in Navy stripes as well as black houndstooth from last year! And lucky you…. this week this camo style is 40% off! You can check it out HERE!

 * I came across this vest today on the Anthropologie website and isn’t this cute? This would be great dressed down or even dressed up!!! Buy this one HERE!

 * I am loving faux-fur this year and yes, this can be worn until it is officially “Spring”….and I don’t own this but it is very tempting! It is not only on sale for $20 but it is H&M too!! Check it out HERE!

* Lastly I am in love with this polka dot puffer from Lands End. You heard me…no, I never have shopped there but I just might start with this vest! This also comes in Purple polka dot which would be great for the cold days in Spring! It’s on sale too!!! YAY…. see it HERE!

You can do so much with vests….throw it on over a dress with cute boots, pair it with a striped shirt and tennis or any of these would look awesome over a blue jean button down!!!

Cheers to Vest weather!

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  1. Jamie
    January 15, 2014 / 9:36 pm

    That camo vest was going to be mine until they didn't have my size!!! BOOO!!! and i'm loving that lands end vest!

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