I think we all know that I love my OKC Thunder and I can NOT wait to be home for Christmas and go to a game! Thunder Up! I think you also know that I love each of these players, Okc is so lucky to have such wonderful guys! Kevin Durant is the face of our team and there could not be a better role model for ……anyone to have. KD is a man of God and he is not shy about that…….. a few years back everyone always wanted to know what was in his backpack at the games…..it was a big “thing”! What was in it…… his Bible.

I have talked about Life Church many times here on the blog and I am also very much looking forward to going to the Christmas Eve service when we are home. Last week Pastor Craig did a message on Spiritual Growth and this message was thru Kevin Durant’s testimony. I enjoyed every moment of this message and you could just see the person KD is inside shine thru him as he spoke. If you have 33 minutes you will not regret watching the message. And this would be great for your children to watch and see what a positive role model really looks like. You can watch the message below or visit the Life Church site by clicking HERE!

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