Half the Sky is a book I have read twice and blogged about several times…this book opened apart of my heart and opened my eyes. This book sheds light on many of the issues woman and girls face around the world….it is unreal what some girls have to face and go thru. If you have not read this or seen the documentary you need to….and then you need to loan your book to someone else. You can learn more about this on a post I did in 2009 HERE!

This past week several friends of mine were “liking” a video on FB which I usually don’t care about but boy am I glad I watched this. This is about just one of the major issues girls all over the world face…. sexual abuse, exploitation, rape, trafficking and I could go on and on. Watch this video about something that I think is groundbreaking and could really be a huge step forward for girls all over……

It’s ok if you didn’t know anything about this issue before hand and well now you do and that is exactly what I wanted to accomplish. You can learn more about this video and dig a little deeper by clcking HERE!
What can you do now??? Sign the petition to bring more awareness to this important issue! Do it HERE!

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