Monday Movie Mayhem

Hi Guys!!! First of all, Happy Short work week….YAY!!!!! I have a few movie reviews for you guys on this movie Monday and we are starting with the bad…….

2 Guns….I love Marky Mark, I do…..but to be honest there was not one thing I liked about this movie. It was about a bank robbery essentially and each of them had a secret they were hiding from one another. This movie involved the Mexican Cartel, CIA, Navy, DEA and it made no sense. Matt thought it was “eh” and we were both playing on our phones while watching! Hey, you might like it…..if you like confusing incoherent movies! ha

 Now we are about to talk about the “so-so”! Let me preface with saying you all know I LOVE movies and I am easy to please, I really am. Matt also got lucky because I love a big budget action….I do, so when we rented Man of Steel last weekend we were excited! Wah wah…………..what is it with movies lately being mashed together and having no coherent story line? I will say it is not Henry Cavill’s fault, he was a good Super Man but he couldn’t save this. There is no clear reason why anything happens………for example after him and Louis Lane meet for 30 seconds they are suddenly soul mates and she gets to accompany him when he is taken by the military. I mean why? There is fighting, explosions and a big kiss then it is over. This is a renter for sure………. it was eh.

Just when you thought I was going to be a Movie Debbie Downer today…..I get to RAVE about this! Catching Fire was on FIRE!! Matt and I saw this opening night on Friday and we LOVED it! We went to the AMC Eat-In movie and that is always fun for us! And let me say gosh, Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect Katniss……I just loved every person that was in this movie. This sequel was grander and more in depth than the first which was amazing! The movie ends on a big cliff hanger and since Matt hasn’t read the books he was literally like “What in the…..”it leaves ya hanging! This movie was great….. we loved it!

Seen any movies lately that you loved or hated???

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