Insert Sad Face

I have to tell you what my job gave me… gave me a really good friend named Kylee! Even though I am a whopping 8 years older then Kylee you wouldn’t know it if you heard us….. 1 part Kylee being wise for her age and I guess 1 part me not acting my age! haha! You know….work is work and I am so happy that Kylee has been able to move on to do something that will make her much happier! Last Friday was her last day and you know it….I made her take a picture! Yes, yes…..we will continue to be friends even though we won’t spend each day together. But I can’t imagine how much I will miss being able to get up from my cube and walk to hers when I want! But the good news is…..this position gave me a great friend! And I am thankful……

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  1. Kylee Gonzalez
    November 18, 2013 / 6:47 pm

    *Wipe away tears*Somedays I actually wish I was still working there…. That's how much I miss you!

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