12 Years a Slave

Saturday Matt and I went to see a movie I have been excited about for some time….. 12 Years a Slave. I knew the story behind the movie and I had read many reviews so all of that made me excited but also scared. Scared because I knew what the movie would have to portray.
This movie is not only based on a true story but it is based on the book 12 Years a Slave written by Solomon Northup, the man who was enslaved. You can buy the book HERE. The “jest” is that a free black man was tricked, drugged and then sold into slavery leaving his wife and children behind. And this is the story of those 12 years of brutality. I always talk about how much I love a movie where I learn something or my mind is exposed to something new and in a way this movie was that for me… this is such an important look back. The cast is incredible, Chiwetel Eijofer stars and you can see the pain in his eyes…..it is truly something and Michael Fassbender plays evil like no other.
The movie does take an “artistic” approach at times having the camera linger on items or people which is odd but that might be my only negative!
Did anyone else see this movie yet????

We will be hearing much more about this movie come Oscar season!!

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  1. Anonymous
    April 14, 2014 / 1:51 pm

    My travels and 4 days catching up at work hit me hard by Saturday. I went to Redbox and got three movies. One was 12 Years a Slave. I wanted to watch it since it won awards and it being a true story etc. It got so intense for me at times and brought me to tears I had to pause it and walked around the house. To think people really got treated that way was disturbing but, a harsh reality. I know you went to the Underground Railroad Museum. It is making me want to go even more. It definitely earned all those awards. – Janet

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