Theeeereeee Back!

You like those???? I could not have expressed the way I feel any better!!!! Sadly, it looks like this round of botox did not work. It has been 3 weeks and nothing… fact I am coming off one of the worst weeks in awhile. But hey, they said it could take up to 3 rounds for this work…so come December I will 100% try again! I am very sad but still hopeful. I can not live like this. (imagine me screaming that and having a tantrum) This week has been so awful and when I am in a really bad cycle it is so hard for me to stay positive. Gosh, I can’t imagine how tired you all must be hearing of this…..I completely get it. Sometimes I think…..maybe Matt and I should discuss having a baby but then I get so sick I get sad and think….how could I? When I am this sick it takes everything I have just to get thru the work day… let alone care for another human being. 
Ahh! I am over this melodrama! Thank you all for the positive vibes, I feel them and you make me feel so loved!


  1. Girl On a Journey
    October 21, 2013 / 3:24 pm

    So sorry to hear it did not work this time. I also join in your sadness of not thinking of having a baby due to the rough patches with the migraines. I know you would be an amazing Mom. I will send the positive thoughts and prayers for you.

  2. jamie vespa
    October 21, 2013 / 5:45 pm

    So sorry! I hope it gets better soon! I've never dealt with migraines, but I do have several friends who have them and I know they have an awful time! Extra prayers sent your way!Jamie @The Growing Up Diaries

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